Datis Agrochemicals is one of the leading fertilizer companies in Iran. Our main activities include formulation, producing and distributing of fertilizers. We are working on export, import and distribution of fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural implements. We have exported liquid fertilizers to Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Iraq; we are looking for more destinations to develop our exportation as well.
Datis is located in the suburb of Karaj in the central part of Iran, where one of the most important agricultural zones in our country is. We have 55 people in our workforce. We have a very good distribution network with skilled young and experienced staff.
Our hard working agronomists are constantly covering long distances everyday with purpose of promoting, marketing, selling, and giving technical supports the vast number of end users.
Recently because of our product’s high quality, reasonable prices and various productions, our customers are coming more and more!
Now all our products with more than six registered brands by the trademark of “DATIS AGROCHEMICAL” are available.

We believe that :
Using fertilizer is the only way to be able to provide food for more than 2 Billion people on the Earth. Farmers don’t add fertilizers to the soil, they just replace nutritions which have been extracted from the soil by each harvest.
All kinds of fertilizers are natural and not man-made. Farmers take care of the environment more than any other one!

We are…
neither the best nor the biggest, But we are PROUD OF OUR QUALITY!

Our Certifications & Standards
QAL Cert IMS , ISO18001 : 2007 , ISO14001 : 2015 , ISO9001:2015 , CE

Our Registered Trademarks